Fancy Styles Fabric Live Show Returns To Instagram

October 11 20:18 2021
Fancy Styles Fabric relaunches their live show with famous fashion designers Mark and Estel to give their customers a new type of fabric shopping experience

Fancy Styles Fabric is an online fabric boutique specializing in luxury fabrics and textiles mostly from Belgium, Italy, India, and the USA. Their website saw a 200% growth in revenue during 2020 when they launched their popular “LIVE” Instagram show hosted by fashion designers Mark Tango and Estel Day of the brand MARK AND ESTEL. Mark and Estel are known for designing clothes for some of the world’s most stylish icons such as Kendall Jenner and Lady Gaga. Fancy Styles Fabric had to temporarily discontinue their live shows in May 2021 when the demand exceeded their shipping set-up. In August 2021 the company has since set up a new shipping solution to be able to handle the demand their live shows create and are excited to return to their live shows every Wednesday at 9am PST on their official instagram page. 

“We are excited to re-launch the Fancy Styles Fabric Live Instagram Show to our beloved community of fashion designers, costumers, and cosplayers who helped make the show a success from the very beginning.” 

Known for displaying fabric online in a new and visually stimulating way, Fancy Styles Fabric’s live shows on instagram took online fabric shopping to a new level. During the live show, Mark and Estel show customers how the fabric drapes, they pair matching fabrics together, and the fabrics they show are available for their lowest prices on the website for 24 hours after the show ends. More, Fancy Styles Fabric donates a dollar for every yard sold to the Jan & Frank Day Foundation, a non-profit charity founded by Estel Day to continue the legacy of her grandparents Jan and Frank Day, founders of Jafra Cosmetics, by helping women succeed in life. 

The Fancy Styles Fabric live show gives customers the feeling of shopping fabric in- person and the show’s hosts have created an entire fantasy element on the show which brings entertainment to fabric shopping. Mark and Estel often appear on the show in costume while they read fantasy stories about the fabrics displayed, known as “Mark’’s Bedtime Stories”. Sometime fantasy characters from Mark’s Bedtime Stories appear live on the show such as “Stefano the Fancy Pony”. This has gained the show a loyal following of historical costumers, cosplayers, and fantasy fashion designers who comment during the show, offering different ideas for each fabric and brainstorming designs together in the comments section while the show takes place. 

Perhaps one of the biggest perks of the Fancy Styles Fabric LIVE Shows are the many Fabric Giveaways during the show. These are sponsored in part by the Jan & Frank Day Foundation through their Day Legacy Program, to help provide young and aspiring fashion designers with fabric and creative inspiration to help them succeed in their careers. Instagram followers who post pictures of the designs they create using Fancy 

Styles Fabric can tag @fancystylesfabric for a chance to be included in the 10 yard giveaway which Mark and Estel usually announce during the 4th hour of the show. There are some smaller giveaways including a 1 Yard Giveaway, 2 Yard Giveaway, and 3 Yard Giveaway which involve and inspire the creativity of those participating. The rules for participating in the giveaways are posted in Fancy Styles Fabric’s stories a few days before the show. 

More information is available by visiting the Fancy Styles Fabric website at

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