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October 11 16:24 2021

What are the materials of flexible PCB? Next, the professional flexible circuit board manufacturer of YMSHENG will introduce the composition materials of flexible PCB to you.

1. Insulation substrate

Insulation substrate is a flexible insulating film. As the insulation carrier of the FPC flexible circuit board, the choice of flexible dielectric film needs to comprehensively investigate the heat resistance, coverage, thickness, mechanical and electrical properties of the material. Polyimide, polyester, and PTFE membranes are now commonly used.

2. Overlay

The covering layer is an insulating protective layer covering the surface of the FPC flexible circuit board, which can protect the surface conductors and improve the strength of the substrate. The outer graphic protection material generally has the dry film type (cover film) and the photosensitive development type two.

3. Reinforcement plate

The strengthening plate is attached to the local position of the flexible plate, which has the super support and strengthening effect on the flexible film substrate and is convenient for the connection, fixing, or other functions of the FPC flexible circuit board. Reinforcement board materials according to the use of sample selection, commonly used polyester, polyimide sheets, epoxy glass fiber cloth board, phenolic paperboard or steel plate, aluminum plate, etc.

4. Bonding sheet

The function of the adhesive is to bond the film to the foil or to bond the film to the covering film. Different types of adhesives can be used for different film substrates. For example, polyester adhesives and polyimide adhesives are different. The adhesives for polyimide substrates can be divided into epoxy adhesives and acrylic adhesives. Choose to examine the material fluidity and thermal expansion coefficient.

5. Copper foil

Copper foil is a conductor layer covered on an insulating substrate, which is selectively etched to form a conductive circuit. This kind of copper foil mostly adopts calendered copper foil or electrolytic copper foil. The ductility and bending resistance of calendered copper foil are better than that of electrolyzed copper foil. The ductility of calendered copper foil is 20%~45%, and that of electrolyzed copper foil is 4%~40%.

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