Chill6™ – Anti Anxiety & Vitality Super Formula

October 12 06:15 2021

Chill6™ is one brand that produces one supplement: the amazing Chili6™ Anti-Anxiety & Vitality Super Formula.

This powerful Super Formula is made purely from amino acids. 6 amino acids, to be exact: GABA, phenibut,  l-theanine, L-tyrosine,  l-dopa and l-taurine.

Each of the amino acids serve a particular purpose in the formula:

GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is the key neurotransmitter responsible for happiness, motivation, anxiety/worry, concentration/focus and sense of well being.

The combination of GABA, phenibut and l-theanine, directly attack anxiety & mental stressors in a three pronged attack.

This makes the Super Formula to FULLY combat anxiety stressors, in a way no other nutritional supplement ever created has been able to really do!

In fact, Chill6™ is the first supplement ever made to combine these three amazing compounds together. But that is still just half of the equation…

Next, L-tyrosine and l-dopa form the Chill6™ unique ‘dynamic duo’. These two amino acids work together to replenish one of the most important ‘vitality’ neurotransmitters in your brain: dopamine, the ‘happy’ hormone.

Dopamine is an instant stress reliever, providing the body with the necessary stress relief, and allowing the long acting amino acids to work in the background to cement the stress relief.

L-taurine is the healthiest amino acid in the body, offering a very long list of health benefits that include lower cholesterol levels and improving overall heart health.

Combined, these 6 amino acids effectively make Chili6™, the most advanced anti-anxiety and vitality drink in existence.

Providing long lasting anxiety relief, stress-free days and peaceful nights.

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