Learn To Transform Life With The Powerful Practice Of Kindness Taught By Tagit Dance

October 12 06:51 2021
Tagit Dance comes with thirty years of experience as healing therapist and also has an experience in the Light Keys Wellness System and has helped hundreds of people transform their lives teaching them tools to inculcate mindfulness and learn healing.

Israel – To live a happy and peaceful life, it is important to practice self-love and be kind to oneself. As cliché as it sounds, being kind and prioritising self-love helps in becoming more mindful and promotes healing in difficult times. It provides a sense of ease and content in life and enables people to reflect on who they are, what they want and how they spend their days. In short, being kind is key to learning mindfulness and healing and practising them to live life at full potential. But as easy as it sounds, many people fail to cultivate this simple practice in their lives and, as a result, end up spending their lives being unkind to themselves, doubting their abilities and suffering from low self-worth. Tagit Dance, one of the 33 pioneers of the Light Key Wellness System, has set on a mission to help people practice kindness and fall in love with who they are and what they are becoming. Tagit practices in Israel and teaches online zoom classes in English and Hebrew, courses and workshops. With nearly three decades of experience, Tagit aims to transform lives based on knowledge and facilitation from Reflexology, Healing, Crystals, Access Consciousness, Light Keys Wellness System by the founder – Nila, Nirmala Raju and the great teacher of all – Nature. 

Tagit understands how being unkind to oneself has become the most addictive behaviour. Many people wake up every day bombarded with hundreds of thoughts, spending their days mindlessly completing one task after the other. As a result, they hardly get to spend time on things they like, people they love and live a life they had dreamt of. If people count how they treat themselves, they will understand that many conflicts that they have with themselves, their loved ones and anyone else in their surroundings are rooted there. On the contrary, one act of kindness at a time is all a person needs to change everything. Practising kindness allows healing to take place and enable people to transform their lives completely. After nearly 30 years of experience with healing, coaching and facilitating hundreds of people, Tagit helps everyone who joins the practice, learn these simple yet powerful tools and become kind to themselves. To learn more tools and understand this practice better, Tagit invites everyone to join the Facebook group Kindfullness with Tagit Dance” 

Only from practising in the zoom did I feel relaxed, and clarity was created regarding a topic that occupied me. A Wonderful method with a wonderful facilitator.” – Erella Shefy

About the Business  

Tagit Dance is a 30-year experienced with Healing therapy and top facilitator of Light Keys Wellness System by the founder – Nila, Nirmala Raju, practising in Israel. She also hosts a weekly Radio show about consciousness. Tagit gives online zoom classes in English and Hebrew, courses and workshops based on knowledge and facilitation from reflexology, healing, crystals, access consciousness, Light keys wellness system and the great teacher of all – Nature.

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