Hoof Physics by Nadine Caban

October 13 04:39 2021
Hoof Physics by Nadine Caban

Horses are on the top of the list of man’s best friends in the animal kingdom. They are probably the ones who need the most care as well.

When it comes to horses’ hooves, the most common practice for hoof care is hoof trimming, cutting and rasping the hoof into a desirable shape.  But things changed when Nadine Caban almost lost her horse, who was diagnosed with chronic laminitis. She began to question the effectiveness of the traditional trimming methods, and her research revealed that the science of hoof physics had many unexplored grounds.

She started treating horses with her newfound knowledge, and the results were so effective that it was only a matter of time that Nadine took the pen to share the knowledge with the world.

Hoof Physics by Nadine Caban is an eye-opener for all vets and horse trainers who had addressed problems like Laminitis, White Line Disease, Club Foot, Canker, and Thrush etc. with the old-fashioned trimming methods. All these diseases have alternative long-term solutions mentioned in the book. Reading about them and following the newfound treatment methods by Nadine Caban is very likely to save your horse’s life.

The book is not a hands-on training or a guide for medical practice for hoof treatment; rather, it shows how the understanding of hoof physics can help you prevent hoof problems and how it reduces the likelihood of your horse getting sick in the first place.

The book invites the reader to pay attention to their horse’s hooves and understand the problem. It also asks you to question the treatment methods following generations without verifying their effectiveness. It is a must-read for all horse trainers and horse doctors.

Hoof Physics is self-published by Nadine Caban.

ISBN: 9781914264245

Published: September 10, 2021

Available Online At: https://www.amazon.com/-/de/dp/108799411X/

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