Asif Ali Gohar: A Call To Investors To Invest In Vegan Leather

November 27 00:09 2021

Hamburg, Germany – Asif Ali Gohar has a keen interest in looking for vegan leather substitutes for a long time now. He is originally from Karachi, Pakistan, but he moved to Germany when he was twelve years old. Three years later, Asif turned vegan because he did not like that we kill animals for food.

Such conscious and mindful thinking is what made him take an interest in this process at a young age. However, a high school project was a significant catalyst that grew Asif’s interest in vegan alternatives to leather. During this time, Asif began exploring how leather could be manufactured without having to kill animals.

After high school, Asif began studying at the University of Hamburg, where his major was business administration. During his time in college, Asif began testing rice as a substitute for leather. He was doing this at home without any investment, and he finally found a way to convert rice to a leather simile.

Asif uses rice as the primary agent that works as a substitute for leather. However, other ingredients help this process even better, including yeast and acetic acid bacteria, to make the vegan leather solid. The primary reason why Asif chose rice was of his heritage and the following facts:

  • Pakistan is one of the leading leather producers with more than $870 million in exports. That totals to 4% of Pakistan’s GDP
  • Pakistan is the tenth biggest rice exporter. It contributes 8% to the world rice trade

Because of these facts, Pakistan is the best place where Asif can look for contacts to make vegan leather. After all, vegan leather is the future, and Pakistani investors can jump on this bandwagon earlier than other countries. Moreover, it will help leather and rice businesses to enhance their exports and trade even further.

A Call To Investors:

If you are an investor in Pakistan looking to enhance leather exports, Asif Ali Gohar has the ideal opportunity for you. Any leather or rice manufacturer or producer can contact Asif to help his venture and your business. Moreover, your investment will open up new trading opportunities as you can begin to dip your hands in the international vegan leather market.

Many foreign countries are already working on vegan leather substitutes, and soon real leather will be obsolete. Pakistani leather and rice producers can use Asif’s venture to stay in alignment with the international market and gain a competitive advantage. You can use this to increase leather and rice exports even further in no time. So, if you are looking to make an investment in the future of leather, you can contact Asif Ali Gohar.

Asif is passionate about changing the world of leather, and your investment can help him. But, of course, it will also help you dip your hands in the international vegan leather market and enjoy the profits. For more information, please feel free to get in touch with Asif today.

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