Poe The Passion Is Making A Name For Himself On Spotify With His Music

December 17 17:50 2021

Some like those who can flow. Some prefer an artist who can deliver intelligent wordplay. Almost anyone will relate to a story of overcoming through perseverance told by a true artist.

Poe the Passion is a true artist who uses all of these gifts to take his fans through the journey while bobbing your head to the beat. Music is a form of expression and we are all artists painting a picture. Poe states about his passion, “Lyrically they nickname me the juggernaut, it is my passion that I bring to you; my audience. I believe in unique wordplay and I want my audience to rewind me and be like, ‘you heard what he just said?!’ That is the ultimate compliment!”

Poe was given the nickname “Juggernaut” because of his ability to blow through his tracks using various methods and just as a juggernaut cannot be stopped, Poe the Passion has the same sense about him. Poe goes on to say, “I seek to bring substance to my music to give fans of hip hop something to listen to. This is my passion and I hope everyone enjoys what I bring to the music game. My goal is to rock the building when I perform and I am grateful for the people I have met and will meet in this musical journey. I appreciate everyone that supports and rocks with me. I am here because of you!” Poe’s first solo album released called “The Feast” can be found on all major platforms and is doing very well as he is currently working on his next EP release called “Overdose.” Poe adds, “On this album I am looking for various features so if interested, feel free to reach out to me. It has been a journey full of ups and downs like a roller coaster but in life you have to stay on track. Stay focused.”

“I have little doubt that this artist will soon be a well known artist in the industry, as he has shown, he can do well on his own with little backing. This is where the Juggernaut comes to mind. Poe does not quit nor get discouraged but is focused and motivated with a singular thought and that, I believe, is to show the world that if you believe in yourself and you dedicate yourself with good discipline, you can do it all!”

Words from Poe the Passion to finish off: “I flow for the people really rapping, like the ones free-styling in the basement to the DJs spinning records making things possible for the emcee to be heard. Good music is appreciated and I love hearing fan submissions. I have rocked numerous venues throughout Ohio, Indiana and Michigan and look forward to rocking any state that welcomes me. I am a songwriter and producer and believe music is a powerful form of art. I am currently in school obtaining my bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering so a few years down the line I see having my degree and still making music. On the track “Words may hush” Engineered by HaHa stupid and the video shot by Showyourbizness, I bring raw flow and energy yet we have fun with our deliveries. I appreciate the track because two other artists from Canton featured with me. Also look out for the single ‘Overdose’ I am releasing off the album of the same title. I enjoy features and believe networking is the key to success in the music industry so do not hesitate to get at me. As long as the support is there I’ll make sure the music keeps coming. Thank you for having me.”

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