New memoir, “Dragon Elegy” by Qiru Long Walder is released, a gut-wrenching story of surviving Chinese Communist class warfare and the resilience of human spirit

December 20 18:48 2021

“Dragon Elegy” by Qiru Long Walder has been released worldwide. This 328-page memoir is a powerful, brutally honest account of living through China’s Cultural Revolution, Mao’s Communist regime at its culmination. Through unflinching, often shocking detail about violence and oppression that affected the entire nation, Walder explores the topic from the angle of both historical context and deeply personal experiences. The story serves as a warning against the dangers of Communism and as a demonstration of human spirit. Through the lens of the author’s family and the losses they endure, readers will catch the very essence of a Communist regime and experience its brutality, as well as human struggle for survival. This is a universal story that transcends culture and national borders.

Dragon Elegy (ISBN: 9798985260748 / 9798985010473) can be purchased through retailers worldwide, including and Amazon. The paperback retails for $17.99.  Wholesale orders are available through Ingram.

From the back cover:

The 10-year-long Cultural Revolution is history now. However, its specter is still haunting us today. What is taking place in the US and the free world is alarmingly similar to the beginning of it. Reviewing what the Cultural Revolution led to perhaps can help prevent us from the headlong descent along the same disastrous path to losing our voices, our rights, and even our lives. The memoir, Dragon Elegy, is about how a family, people around them, and the author survived the Cultural Revolution. Mao’s perpetual hunt for class enemies led to three deaths in the author’s family and the rape and denunciation of the author, a teenager then. However, they persevered and survived. It is a story that tens of millions of others have been through and a story of human spirit triumphing over evil. It is also a story of a young woman’s struggle in the face of adversities and her persistent attempts to fulfill her potential. The reader will experience the vast extent of Communist class oppression and catch the very essence of a Communist regime. It is presented with Mao’s revolution in the background and the author’s personal and her family’s ordeals as the focal point. It has great potential to appeal to the world’s diverse readership, for it is not just a story that took place in Maoist China, but a story of universal human struggle. 

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