Fresh, Delicious, and Eco-friendly Thuggizzle Pure Spring Water Making Big Waves Across the Country

December 21 17:54 2021
Thuggizzle Pure Spring Water makes drinking water cooler than ever with its healthy, tasty, fresh, and sustainable pure spring water.

December 21, 2021 – Around 20% of US teens and 40% of adults are suffering from obesity. This alarming growth in obesity is majorly caused by increased consumption of sugary drinks as these drinks taste sweeter than regular drinking water. And the lure of sugary drinks is eventually leading to serious health complications. In that light, pledged to make things better, leading rapper Thuggizzle has come up with Thuggizzle Pure Spring Water which is healthier, delicious, fresh, eco-friendly, and more appealing to regular water.


Often dubbed as the best spring water, Thuggizzle Pure Spring Water is already making big waves all over. People who have tried the water have posted rave reviews.

“It’s fresh and crisp”

“’s actually good than other spring water drinks”

“it’s actually good”

“It’s epic!”

Proudly bottled in the USA, Thuggizzle Pure Spring Water is sourced straight from the Appalachian Mountains. The water is sourced in a true temperate rainforest that receives over 65” of rain every year. The abundant source of water easily makes Thuggizzle Pure Spring Water a sustainable choice for the drinkers.

The spring water that goes to bottle up the Thuggizzle Pure Spring Water is so abundant and under pressure that no mechanical energy is required to harvest the water.

Another great aspect of the Thuggizzle Pure Spring Water is that  it comes loaded with natural minerals and electrolytes. The spring water that is bottled for the Thuggizzle Pure Spring Water carries the same mineral and chemical composition as it had underground. It is gradually filtered by granite deposits and then purified. Next, natural electrolytes are added to make it pure, delicious, and healthier. Also, after the water is collected, it is processed with UV light before bottling.

In an exclusive interview, Thuggizzle shared that one of the major reasons behind the development of Thuggizzle Pure Spring Water is the alarming rise in the consumption of empty calories, especially among adolescents and young adults due to massive intake of sugary drinks.

“I was extremely worried with the constant growing consumption of sugary drinks among the young adults today that mostly leave them with empty calories. It leads to several diet-related diseases such as obesity and diabetes. They don’t want to drink water mostly because of its plain taste. So, I tried to find a solution that would offer them a healthier drinking solution than those harmful sugary drinks but would also impress with a delicious taste so that our consumers find it more appealing than regular drinking water. Thus, Thuggizzle Pure Spring Water was born”, stated the popular Rapper with his own water.

Thuggizzle Pure Spring Water comes in aluminum cans which are made from 100%  recycled aluminums. Aluminum can be recycled 4x more often than plastic. Added to being eco-friendly, the aluminum cans cools down water way faster than plastic and also keeps the water cooler for a longer period of time.

“Our Pure Spring Water offers people a healthier, more appealing, reusable, 100% recyclable, sustainable product. We are for all things that are sustainable and eco-friendly, and our new-age Pure Spring Water is aimed to encourage healthy water drinking and recycling. I would also like to mention that I and my whole team behind our Pure Spring Water are overjoyed with the amazing response we have received from our early batch of users. From the taste to the packaging, they have loved every bit of it and have showered us with rave reviews. It’s their generous support that makes us feel more positive about our Pure Spring Water.”


Speaking on, the rapper shared that there is an underlying story behind the Thuggizzle Pure Spring Water initiative. As a child, Phillip Hodge aka Thuggizzle had a very disturbing childhood. His mother used to sell drugs and often neglected her own kids. Such an unhealthy domestic environment pushed Thuggizzle and his three sisters to foster care at a very young age. The rapper was just 9 years old when he was sent to foster care.

However, the young boy was always drawn to music since his childhood and it was the only beacon of light for him in his grim childhood. A gifted talent, the little kid started performing from a very young age under the stage name Thuggizzle, a combination of “thug,” a word he had been called as a young person, and “izzle,” meaning “is him. Little did he know that one day, this very name would make him famous all over the nation.

All the 4 siblings expected adoption from a generous family but unfortunately, they didn’t find any. Hodge was ultimately aged out of the system at the age of 21 without finding a forever family.

However,  despite all challenges, the young rapper carved out a respectable life for himself. He says, it’s his broken childhood which led him to aspire for a better life. And now, he is committed to make lives better for children like him in foster care through his various initiatives like Thuggizzle Pure Spring Water.

“Thuggizzle Pure Spring Water was brought to life to give the teens and young adults who are currently or were previously going through foster care the needed inspiration that if I can they too can. I have been where they are now and I know how that feels. But, I want to assure them there is a life beyond that, a much better life. They should not hold back and try harder to make their dreams a reality.”

Top features of Thuggizzle Pure Spring Water –

  • Sourced from abundant source of rainwater
  • Delicious, fresh, and carries more appeal than regular water
  • A much healthier alternative to sugary drinks
  • Alkaline balanced ultra-hydrating natural spring water
  • Carries beneficial minerals and natural electrolytes
  • Comes in BPA-free packaging
  • Eco-friendly water
  • Comes in 100% recycled aluminum cans
  • Reusable and sustainable product
  • Thanks to aluminum bottle, gets cold faster and stays cooler longer

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