The Social App Ranks #1 On Product Hunt

July 27 00:17 2022
The Social App, a platform that allows influencers to get high levels of engagement and brands to have a more direct way to communicate with their target audience, has been ranked #1 on Product Hunt.

The Social App has attained the enviable feat of landing at number one on the highly coveted Product Hunt rankings. In addition to this incredible achievement, The Social App also ranked in the fourth place for Product of the Week as well. Product Hunt is a website that provides a launching ground for marketers and developers to display their products or services to their first real users. The website allows participants to vote and give their honest reviews on products before it is released to the general market. 

The Social App was able to accomplish this feat thanks to its immense popularity on Product Hunt that saw it getting the most votes compared to other products that were released on the same day. According to the makers of this app, the wide acceptance of their product has clearly shown that there is a need for it in society. 

About The Social App

The Social App is the next-generation messaging, chat, texting, communicating, everything app. Its mission is to introduce an app that not only lets users message friends and family but also empowers, builds communities, and provides privacy as a core tenet. Based on that, the app is kicking off by first focusing on building exclusive communities, something it considers very simple but important. 

Online community building began before the era of Facebook and the creator economy. But as social media and the tech space evolved over the course of time, content creation became the domain of a lucky few. The barriers to entry were high, and the monetary compensation was low. But with The Social App, anyone can create a subscription-based group chat and get paid for it, a feature that no other app offers.

The Social App subscription-based group chat reinvents the creator and brand relationship by:

–  Providing a platform where creators/influencers can get high engagement because all members of the group chat are paying members.

–  Making the race to see who has more followers on the app irrelevant as brands would rather focus on amount of followers x content topics or niche within “reasonable human levels”.

Subscription-based group chats empower not just content creators but also organizations, athletes, beauty, gamers, life coaches, investment/VC professionals, and many others. For organizations, it gives a place to communicate with members but also easily maintain membership dues. So instead of a paid newsletter, businesses or brands can engage with their paid followers and take their content to a new “intellectual high”.

The Social App also offers a unique and easy way for anyone, not just influencers or celebrities, to monetize their online presence and create an exclusive community for their fans, followers, or simply like-minded individuals. In essence, the app plays a happy medium for influencer marketing and brands looking to build high-value relationships while monetizing live communication. 

Since its initial launch of subscription-based group chats, the app has seen sporting athletes using the platform to share nutrition, workout, and skill tips with their followers. Subscription-based group chats on The Social App are being launched by notable current and former NFL players such as David Pindell, former quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Minnesota Vikings, to share quarterback tips. Anyone can sign up for the group with this link.   

Please visit to easily get the app for both iOS and Android.

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