Pineapple Ambassador Founder And Rising Music Composer Sets New Trends In The Industry

February 28 01:11 2023
Kierry Ray Michael Johnson is fast making a name for himself thanks to his unique sound, innovative entrepreneurship, and innovative marketing strategies.

Kierry Ray Michael Johnson II, Pineapple Ambassador, is a French-American pianist, composer, and producer from Marseille in the south of France. Born to a Martiniquan mother and a Guyanese father, Johnson has Caribbean roots that serve as inspiration for his art. While studying music and piano at the Conservatoire National de Région (CNR) in Marseille, he decided to contribute his virtuosic talents toward his passions: composition and community.

The rising music composer and entrepreneur recently made a big splash in the industry by launching his new brand, Pineapple Ambassadors. The brand, which includes clothing and accessories lines, has quickly gained popularity among music lovers and fashion enthusiasts. The brand’s logo, a pineapple, symbolizes unity and hospitality. Johnson has big plans for the brand, including expanding it to include more products and expanding its reach to a global audience. But Johnson’s success doesn’t stop there. He has also established himself as a talented and innovative composer with a diverse portfolio that spans multiple genres, from classical to hip-hop. 

Kierry Johnson is currently making waves in the industry with his unique and experimental approach to creating new music styles. His ability to blend different genres and influences has resulted in a sound that is entirely his own, catching the attention of music producers and fans alike. One of his most recent songs, “Exotik,” is a perfect example of his signature sound. The track seamlessly blends elements of tropical, R&B, and Afrobeat music, creating a fresh and exciting listening experience. The song has caught the attention of many music producers, including the legendary Rodney Jerkins, who selected him for The Darkchild writing camp in Los Angeles in 2022. The Darkchild camp is one of the most prestigious and exclusive songwriting camps in the music industry and is known to have helped launch the careers of some of the biggest names in the business.

While Johnson’s music catches the attention of industry heavyweights, it also resonates with listeners. His unique sound and style have earned him a dedicated fanbase, and his music has been shared widely online. With a fresh and familiar sound, Johnson is poised to become one of the next big names in the music industry.

In addition to his success as a composer and entrepreneur, Johnson is also known for his philanthropy and community involvement. He is actively involved in mentoring upcoming musicians. With his talent, creativity, and business acumen, there’s no doubt he will continue to make a big impact in music and fashion.

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