Review: Managing Business Disruptions through Efficient and Effective Uptime Monitoring

January 13 19:18 2020
Living in today’s digital modern era, a website has now become a necessity for every business. A business that does not have a website is probably missing out on a powerful marketing tool and loses a great opportunity of growing the business.

However, aside from having a professional-looking website, business owners should not forget that their website needs consistent monitoring to ensure that the website is running smoothly and accessible for use at any time of the day. A website that is not accessible will put any web-related investments to waste, and worse, can abruptly put a business to stop.

Even a few seconds of downtime will have a direct and substantial effect on a business, most especially online businesses. It is given that a non-functional and offline website will greatly affect the sales of a business, but, apart from that, the brand will be less likely to be considered as well, especially by visitors who lands on the web pages for product research and future purchases.

What causes website downtime?

A website that is unavailable or always down may bring frustrations for both owners and consumers and will ultimately affect the revenues of a business. A lot of possible reasons will make a website down and here are a few:

  • Poor quality of hosting – It is not a secret that not all web hosting providers are created equally. Some hosts are equally expensive, yet, are notorious for being down. There are also budget hosts but outperforms other expensive hosts. So business owners must do quality checks about a web hosting company before dealing with them to avoid conflicts in the future.
  • DNS issues – DNS is also considered a culprit for website downtime. This includes waiting for DNS propagation and there are times it is because of a misspelled name server. Whatever the reason is, it is important to figure out what the culprit is and should be attended to correct it the soonest possible.
  • Malicious hackers – One of the characteristics of a website is that it should be secured against hackers. Hackers can take over a website and crash it that can cause website downtime. This can be avoided with tools that can be provided by website monitoring companies.

To minimize the risk of any business disruptions, especially on online businesses, efficient and effective uptime monitoring is necessary. Uptime monitoring minimizes the impact of degraded website performance and should be considered as a crucial investment by business owners. A well-known company that can provide world-class and efficient uptime monitoring services is

What is uptime monitoring?

Uptime monitoring refers to the active monitoring of a website to ensure that it is up, running, and accessible. This acts as an online security guard that monitors a website 24/7. Companies like proactively monitor their clients’ site servers and notifies them instantly if the website experiences any disruption, downtime or failure so the underlying problems can be resolved quickly before it gets too serious.

Who is is an online monitoring services provider that has helped various business owners in managing business disruptions with their efficient and effective uptime monitoring services. Ranked as top-performing uptime monitoring services provider, has built its reputation of helping businesses maintain an excellent and optimal web performance and providing the consumers smooth and easy access to the website. is composed of professional individuals who have undergone intensive training to become experts in their fields. Their years of experience contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of their services that satisfy their clients.

It is undeniable that the uptime monitoring industry is rapidly growing but has been the go-to monitoring provider by business owners. Why? It is because of its guaranteed 99.99% uptime performance, thus, keeping all their clients’ website fully functional and ensures that all web-related activities go on uninterrupted. The clients are also informed about the status of their websites through SMS, email, and phone calls.

What keeps ahead of its other competitors is they make use of a wide variety of modernized server monitoring tools that suits the needs of every business. Those tools are used to manage business disruptions and ensure a website’s accessibility to the owners, users, and customers. Also, ensures that all the websites they handle are secured against potential hackers and malware. has a lot in store to offer for their valued clients. To know more about them, visit them at For any inquiries, send them an email through [email protected].

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