Speedy’s Transmission Shop Offers CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) Repair in Richmond, VA

April 16 13:30 2021
Speedy's Transmission Shop Offers CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) Repair in Richmond, VA

Richmond, VA – Speedy’s Transmission Shop is a top-notch repair shop that will have client’s cars running like new again in no time. The team has spent their entire lives involved in antique car racing and renovation. They are not, however, solely concerned with reconstruction. Speedy’s Transmission Shop knows how to do the best for every single customer who comes through the door, thanks to old-school mechanic training and a deep sense of ethics and care for everyone they encounter. Their genuine passion is speed shops and vintage vehicles, which is why they make sure that everything in their office appeals to their customers. They’ve worked hard to build a stylish and museum-like environment that incorporates everything they love about cars, from antiques to their favorite memorabilia. 

Speedy’s Transmission Shop takes pride in their professionalism, loyalty, and, above all, their meticulous attention to detail. Speedy’s Transmission Shop can do anything from minor repairs to complete restorations and anything in between. 

Many people may not have money set aside to pay for major car repairs, which is why Speedy’s Transmission Shop understands. With this in mind, they teamed up with Snap Finance to provide various financing options for customers with good, poor, or no credit, including 100 Days Same As Cash. Speedy’s Transmission Shop offers a variety of facilities to help customers get back on the road quickly. Free diagnostics, regular transmission tune-up, rebuilds, and maintenance to get clients’ transmissions running like new again, and even modifications for towing and hauling heavy loads are all part of their transmission services. When a customer’s car has a transmission problem, they want to eliminate additional costs by determining the exact cause of the problem as soon as possible, which is why they use the most up-to-date and reliable computer diagnostic equipment in their store. Speedy’s Transmission Shop also knows how to use their ears and eyes for old-school diagnostic methods, thanks to their collective experience of more than 40 years of transmissions.

CVT Repair in Richmond, VA tune-up is equivalent to having an oil change, and clients should do it every two years or 30,000 miles as part of the car’s daily maintenance. Checking transmission gaskets and repairing them if necessary, replacing transmission filters, changing transmission fluid, and draining out any small pieces of metal from it are all part of Speedy’s Transmission Shop’s transmission tune-up operation. 

A transmission rebuild involves disassembling and inspecting the client’s transmission piece by piece and replacing any damaged or worn components. The transmission would then be reassembled and installed back into the client’s vehicle by their trained technicians. Clients should consider upgrading their transmission with extra-durable heavy-duty parts to increase the transmission’s life. Speedy’s Transmission Shop also recommends adding more gears/expanding the client’s engine speed on standard transmissions, increasing the gas mileage of automatic transmissions, towing and hauling heavier loads, and removing shuddering with hi-tech transmissions.

Enjoy a life on full speed with Speedy’s Transmission Shop. The company is located at 5300 Midlothian Turnpike Richmond, VA 23225. Contact them via phone at (804) 999-1845 or visit their website for more information.

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